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 About Us 

Now entering into its 44th year operation, the Alison Lamont School of Dance continues to provide a "Quality Dance Education" for students age 18 months- to adult.

As dance educators we try to stimulate, inspire, motivate and encourage each student to reach their potential.

As a dance school we are aware that dance is a discipline as well as an art. Its benefits are achieved through meeting challenges over a long period of time.

The individual qualities we wish to promote at the ALSD include confidence, perseverance, self- esteem, and self-discipline.

The group skills we consider important are peer support, friendship, courtesy, leadership and team-work.

A "Quality Dance Education' goes far beyond the doors of a dance studio or a performance stage. It offers a strong foundation of self-discipline, respect, leadership, challenge and creativity. 

We hope that dance at ALSD, along with the parents encouragement, help to nurture the best from each child, to give them the confidence to go after their dreams, whatever they may be.

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